The summit cross - a beautiful symbol of Christianity, a signpost or an oppressive sign for all non-Christian mountaineers?
There are many opponents and supporters of this supposedly traditional summit marker. But maybe their discussion is not just about the cross on the mountain, but much more...

Director: Jona Salcher

DP: Markus Schindler

Produced in collaboration with Melissa Byrne


2017 November at Mountainfilm Graz

2018 April at Dokfest München

2019 March at "Regensburger Kurzfilmtage"

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Special thanks to:

Reinhold Messner
Hanspeter Mair
Wolfgang Bischof
Peter Demmelmair
Martin Schnitzer
Simon Abeltshauser
Helga Schweiger
Andreas Störmer
Rebecca Zehr
Anna Katharina Engel
Markus Delago