Three boys cross path at the University of Television and Film Munich. First they share their dreams, soon they chase them. Finally they give birth to a 🦊 in 2018. To challenge themselves the three promise to raise a good fox in their burrow. It's the foremost priority that the fox amplifies the other one's abilities rather than to do so with weaknesses. With raised ears he furthermore learns to spot his preys from 60 miles+ and patiently builds up to his move, only to deliver on time. Last but not least, he remembers to always remain playful and curious. Looking back, he's now joined by many more foxes with this story ending.. who knows where?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Btw: Arctic foxes are monogamous animals. They mate for life.

Christoph Degenhart

Like a guided missile, Chris harnesses the earth's magnetic field to plan the hunts. Because one cannot succeed using brute force alone, the fox must rely on its sharp mind and engaging personality to garner resources. Usually in good physical shape he performs well in pastimes that challenge both body and mind 💡

Jona Salcher

Jona's claws allow him to climb and descend vertical trees quickly to get the best shot at the prey. His love of exploration dovetails with his passion for overcoming challenges which is why foxes are often found mountain climbing or journeying to exotic, forbidden places. He moves in a steady and smooth fashion by walking on his toes 🎥

Nuno Wong

Nuno is often called to take action in a way that shows his adaptability and ability to move quickly through obstacles. Equipped with the power of observation and deduction a fox can come into play more powerfully in how to quietly get into the hen house. Legend has it that a Dompteur will never leave his circus 🎭